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J.I.T Precision Sheet Metals has achieved a tradition of quality and service by exceeding customer expectations for over 10 years.

For every customer our policy is to establish and maintain a long term relationship. Improving performance in Quality, Delivery, and Cost.

Committed to on-time delivery, we have averaged less than 2% delinquency line items or dollars and achieved 100% on-time delivery with partnership customers. We have participated in just in time and Kanban type support programs with various customers.

Other services are also provided besides sheet metal fabrication. Established sources and/or customer approve sources are employed to provide processing such as anodize, passivation, plating, heat treat when required by customer.

Customer CAD Interface, it is our privilege to do business with you by processing and manufacturing your products using the Electronic CAD Data Transfer Process. Our diversified focus in the most up-to-date CAD systems will bring ease from the quote phase throughout the entire manufacturing process to assure you top quality and Just In Time delivery.

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