Ag-Biotech, Inc.
A Plant Molecular Genetic Service Laboratory
Ag-Biotech, Inc. provides genetic and molecular biology services in the areas of agricultural sciences and is commited to delivering the highest level of professional service and expertise in the field of plant biotechnology. We understand the competitiveness of your business and as a company we completely respect the confidentiality of all information to our clients.
Ag-Biotech, Inc.
P.O. Box 895
Gilroy, California    95021-0895

Phone: (408) 848-1449
Fax: (408) 848-1449
Cellular: (831) 594-7417
Molecular Genetic Services:

Hybrid Purity Testing
Seed Heath Testing
Marker Assisted Selection (MAS)
DNA/Protein Fingerprinting (genotype profiling) for Variety Protection
Detection and Analysis of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Food and Plants
Research Contracts for Genetic Map and Marker Development
Plant Tissue Culture for Production of Haploids and Double Haploid Inbred Plants
Biotechnology Consultancy